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You may not know this, but you don’t have to remember to visit my site to stay updated on what’s going on with around here, and with me!

Let’s take a look at your options.

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How do these work? I think it’s probably the work of internet ninjas, but there’s no way to know for certain because you don’t actually see these things in action. That sounds like ninjas, right?

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  • Follow me on Twitter – pretty much my favorite spot to hang out online.
  • Tumblr – I often post quotes and brief thoughts on articles here that are too long for Twitter. You’ll also get some animated gif’s, and a pretty unfiltered look at things that I love.
  • Pinterest – Pinterest changed my life (seriously). I think I’ll have to explain that in a post one day, but for now, I like using it for bookmarking. As a visual person, I find it ideal.

Looking forward to talking with you. 🙂

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