12 Little Stories: a creative challenge for 2014

12 Little Stories is a monthly creative challenge designed to get you out making something new. Stretch yourself creatively, try a new technique, take a risk.

In theory, each prompt could be completed from start to finish in a single afternoon. Of course, you’re free to spend as much time as you like planning and creating.


The simple fact is we all make plans to spend more time improving our skills or trying something new just for the fun of it. We start out with the best of intentions, but give it a few months, stuff happens and the best of intentions are left forgotten on the side of the road. I should know, I’m pretty much the queen of making plans to do creative things for fun that end up petering out. Sad.

I originally created the challenge and parameters for myself. I have a new camera that I need to learn and I know it will be all too easy get stuck in the “what should I do to push myself to practice with this?” But then I thought, how fun would it be if other people wanted to participate? The more the merrier!


The hard and fast rules are as follows:

  • Tell a story using one of the themes from the prompt list.
  • Monthly projects are due on the last day of the month.
  • Tag your project with #12LittleStories, and submit a link in the comments below so I can create an archive of all the projects. We can inspire each other!
  • If you create a video, must be a minimum of 1:00 minute (my personal target is 2:00).
  • Give credit where credit is due. If you’re using another person’s work (music in a video, stock images, etc.), make sure that you have permission to use it before you use it.
  • No NSFW submissions, please.

Additional guidelines:

  • The idea here is to tell a short story. Interpret the prompts as creatively as you wish.
  • You could roll through the prompts in order, or you can pick the one that best strikes your fancy each month.
  • Create your little story using your preferred medium — it doesn’t have to be video! It could be a photo (or series of photos), a painting, a piece of music, a collage, yarn art…go crazy!
  • You can participate in one, or all of the prompts.
  • Late projects are acceptable, but remember the idea is to create a regular habit of creating.


  1. Go
  2. Wonder
  3. Hair
  4. In No Time” by MUTE MATH (lyrics)
  5. Strength
  6. Dance
  7. Orange
  8. Looking up
  9. The Great Outdoors
  10. My happy place
  11. Monochrome
  12. Warmth
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