Hey there!

I’m Melodie Turori, an artist and creator specializing in storytelling through media – video, photography, and audio.

I work with individual and businesses to create determine the best media format to share your story, creating projects that explore culture. Delving into the many ways culture shapes how we think, how we live, and how we interact with the world. Culture is one of the key foundations in our lives and businesses.

Let’s get together and share your story!

Personally speaking…

Oh, yes. I love a good brew (coffee, that is) that’s smooth enough to be enjoyed black. Give me a book if I’m flying solo or a friend who enjoys peeling back the layers of the world for an afternoon chat and that will be one of my happiest places.

Born in beautiful Aotearoa New Zealand, raised in sunny San Diego with half of my heritage rooted in the Cook Islands… you could say that traveling and sharing the stories of my fellow humans was destiny.

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