Bandette: a review

Written by Paul Tobin, with art by Colleen Coover, Bandette Volume 1: Presto! was exactly the kind of light hearted romp I needed to shake off the excessive busyness of the summer.

The first couple of issues are pretty fluffy, but once the plot kicks in it adds a bit of menace to balance out the silliness nicely. I particularly enjoyed how the Urchin Stories fleshed out the supporting characters. Coover’s art is lovely, adding a vintage-y comics feel that perfectly beings the characters to life.

Oh, and did I mention that Volume 1 is a beautiful hard bound edition? I am a sucker for a nice hard bound book. Volume 2 is several months out, perhaps I’ll have to break my rule and start reading the series on Comixology…

All in all, I’m glad to have so thoroughly enjoyed my first solo selected comic venture. Everything I’ve read previously has been on recommendations from friends or a preexisting superhero interest.

Edited to add: This would be a good one to read if you’re new to comics.

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