Board game bonding

Ticket to Ride has become a family favorite activity. After last weekend, I’m officially storing it in the trunk of my car so the siblings and I can play any time and any place we find ourselves together.

As we all get older and our individual lives fill with work, class schedules, and significant others, the times we’re together grow increasingly rare. Family time has been reduced to snatching a few hours for a game, movie, or meal (all three, if we can manage!), instead of the days and weekends at the family house. We Turori’s used to travel the wild as a pack. Now you’re more likely to find us solo, or in pairs. That’s the price of adulthood.

At least, for now, we’re all living in the same area. And we’re all itching to best the littlest brother at Ticket to Ride. Annoyingly, that kid has been practically unbeatable.

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