The Cook Islands Cultural Village exists to perpetuate the culture of the Cook Islands in the USA. The artifacts in our display were collected by uncle Tapae Haurua and the Turori family.

Who hosts your village?

Melodie Turori hosts the Cook Islands Village, with assistance from our community. My Cook Islands family line comes from the islands of Aitutaki and Pukapuka.

I’m a filmmaker and artist, born in New Zealand and raised in San Diego. Right now I’m finishing a short film about the Cook Islands art of tivaevae – and sewing my first tivaevae!

When can I see your display?

Enter your email below and I’ll shoot you a quick message when we add an event to our schedule!

What does the Cook Islands Village offer?

Great question! 🙂 Our display includes:

Cultural crafts and activities

Educational presentation on the cultural significance and practices of tivaevae quilting.

Paper tivaevae craft where participants get a taste of what cutting and designing a tivaevae is like.

A coloring paper that provides a little info about our islands and introduces a little of the Cook Islands language.

Will you come to our event?

Email with info about your event (when/where/etc.) and we’ll do our best to bring a little of the Cook Islands to you.