How to look sad and lonely

I laughed at myself as I got in the checkout line at the grocery store today. My big purchase? Two bouquets of bright daises and a pint of ice cream. It’s February 13th. Yep, this should be good.

“Are you ready for tomorrow?” The cashier chirps to the twenty-something man in front of me. “Uh, what’s tomorrow?” He asks. Ah, poor man. “Valentine’s Day!” She replies, shooting him a smile that clearly says “I see your apathy about the day of love, it’s adorable that you’re being a stereotypically guy about this.” They continue to chat. He cordially wishes her a happy Valentine’s Day as he leaves, and she returns the wish.

My turn. “Did you find everything you were looking for?” She asks, tone carefully neutral. The flowers and pint of ice cream glide across the scanner. I want to say, “this purchase isn’t what it looks like! Please don’t be sorry for me! This is pretty funny, right?” I wonder if I should explain that I’m celebrating Galentine’s Day Leslie Knope style: flowers for my aunt, my BFF, and ice cream for me. However, that seems a little the lady doth protest too much, so I settle for the usual pleasantries and chalk this one up as a funny story to tell. Sometimes, being a single woman amuses me more than it probably should.

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