OMBAC roadtrip

Last weekend a friend and I road tripped to the Bay Area to watch OMBAC play San Francisco Golden Gate. In rugby terms, the trip was pretty disappointing. The game itself was a dismal 52-15 affair, far and away the worst of the games I’ve seen this season. SFGG maximized all advantages of playing at home, while OMBAC didn’t look lively until the last ten minutes or so. We brought some local friends and family, all of whom had never before seen a rugby game. They had a grand time, and one of them came away wanting to give it a try.

OMBAC at SFGG match photos –> click here
All #OMBACroadtrip photos –> click here

Right then. Let’s spend a few letters noting the better parts of the trip.

Friday we tagged along to the grand opening of the Piner High School SPITZ Planetarium. I know that doesn’t sound exciting, but for a geek who has never been to a planetarium (that’s me), it was awesome. If you could have seen the nerdtastic grin plastered on my face for the duration of the 15-minute presentation, I’m sure you would have been entertained. My friend’s niece certainly was.

We also managed to traverse all three SF bridges paying only one toll fee, went to a church service with puppets, and encountered one of the world’s more blatantly sexist arcade machine – an arm wrestling game asked players to choose between “male” and “female” modes. Yes, the female mode was obnoxiously easy. And yes, you better believe I beat man mode one-handed.

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