Protect Mauna Kea: Alondra Park Hoʻolaulea

The Hawaiian community of Southern California gathered during the Ho’olaulea at Alondra Park on July 20th, 2019, in solidarity with Hawaiians fighting to preserve Mauna Kea. The demonstration began with sign waving on the street before a procession into the festival for prayer and a moment of silence.

Morning procession to the stage

“We have to fight today. We can’t be silent. We can no longer be action-less.”

Protesters gathered in front of the main stage

During the afternoon, hula and cultural practitioners came together to perform ‘Au’a ‘Ia.

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By Melodie Turori

Finding fresh and exciting ways to tell stories that stir the soul is my great love.

One reply on “Protect Mauna Kea: Alondra Park Hoʻolaulea”

Lono Kollars – Defenders of Mauna O Wakea are here supporting and standing in solidarity with all of our `Aina. Besides our march in solidarity, we had a booth open for two days to inform people about the intricacies of this issue and the untold truths and some untruths. The goal is to inform our community about the truth and for those who may not know, about spiritual the importance of this part of the `Aina. “He Hawai`i Mau Au a Mau,” Was our theme this years’ Ho`olaule`a. Wherever we go we are always Hawaiian “FOREVER”

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