Visual processing

People process difficult situations in different ways. I am mostly a visual processor. When I don’t have words, I photograph. What I can’t verbalize, I write.

I could tell you about spending hours in a bustling Emergency Room, and how unsettling it is to walk off an elevator into a perfectly silent, dimly lit, empty neurology lobby after so much noise. At midnight, no less.

Or, I could show you.

Hospital flowers

Flowers as cheerful as these are always welcome in a hospital room.

Room with a view

We were lucky to have a room with a view.

Rooftop garden

A hospital with water wise garden on the roof? Yes, please. It was even looking green thanks to a thunder storm a few days ago.

Sister in silhouette

People are crucial to surviving times of crisis. Like this girl.


Forever and always, she is my favorite sister.

Waiting for discharge. And waiting…and waiting…

Morning moon

Early morning marine layer gave us a cool morning under a setting moon. Hope for a good day ahead.

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