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Kia Orāna!

My name is Melodie Turori, I was born in Aotearoa New Zealand and raised on Payómkawichum land in California, where I live now. Nice to meet you. 🙂

I’m a multidisciplinary Pacific Islander artist, educator, and cultural practitioner in the Southern California community. Right now I mostly work through film and audio, photography, writing, and textile-based works. My practice explores intergenerational layers of identity, relationships, and spirituality in the context of the Oceanic diaspora. I am descended from the peoples of Aitutaki, Pukapuka, Sweden, and Germany… which is a long way to say my papa’anga (genealogy) is complex and I like uncovering those layers while playing in different mediums. Check out some of my projects.

A few years ago I joined Saddleback College as adjunct instructor and the Faculty Radio Program Coordinator. 

I have a degree in Cinema and Media Arts from Biola University and I’m currently pursuing a Masters in Indigenous Community Development.

Previously I worked as a freelance multimedia producer and the Digital Content Coordinator at Sportscasters Talent Agency of America. I’ve produced everything from social media content to TV news packages everything in between. 

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