It’s time to do something

I’ve watched this video from Kid President several times since I first saw the link on Friday. I love it for many reasons. It’s well constructed, the music selection is solid, Kid President’s delivery is magic, et cetera, et cetera. However, the thing that keeps me coming back is the message.

“What will you create that will make the world awesome? Nothin’ if you keep sitting there.”

One of the most difficult parts of Creating Things™ is releasing the thing into the wild. Sure, you could keep the thing all to yourself, where it’s safe. But that defeats the purpose of you creating the thing in the first place. Creation is meant to be shared.

Sharing is scary.

When you share something you’ve made, you expose the part of you that drove you to create in the first place. Exposure means vulnerability, and who likes being vulnerable? Particularly in the age of the Internet, when being vulnerable might just make you the next big meme.


It’s all too easy to let the fear of vulnerability hold you back from moving forward on that thing you want to make. It happens to me regularly. Like clockwork. But you have to push through. If you don’t, you’ll be left knowing that fear kept you sitting there. What might have been? You didn’t even try.

What is one small thing that you can do right now that will move you closer to making your Space Jam happen? For me, it’s hitting publish on the post so I can go put a little polish some future project pitches. Yes, when the creation is complete and you share it with the world (or even a small group of trusted friends), you will be vulnerable. That’s good. It’s part of what makes Creating Things™ special. Embrace the uncertainty and the risk.

Be brave. Be bold. Are you ready? Because Kid President said it well:

It’s time to do something.

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